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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Torrey, Utah

This is my favorite town in Utah. Just west of Capitol Reef National Park, Torrey is at a much higher altitude than the east end of the park, and is surrounded by mountains and red cliffs. The higher altitude gives Torrey a much milder climate in the summer, and is blessed with higher rainfall than the lower altitudes, which are desert. (Note the stone cabin, in the Caineville badlands, east of the park.
The streets are lined with trees, many in bloom right now. An acequia runs along the main road, then angles up toward Boulder Mountain, right through the property of the robber's Roost coffee gallery and bookstore. Presided over by Judi, an ex-New Yorker, the shop is a pleasant place to sip an espresso and look at the artwork. Judi liked my picture of Black Mesa so much that she asked to hang it in the gallery...for sale, of course.

I have been to this area countless times since Nancy and I came here on our honeymoon in 1998, and all of it, from Hite crossing to Hanksville to Torrey to Boulder to Escalante will never lose its appeal or enchantment for me.


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