Journal and photos of our travels in the West.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Santa Fe
We have been home for a week, celebrating Thanksgiving with a big pot of green chile stew, going into town for Christmas shopping, and, best of all, seeing our friends again.
My propensity for looking back has taken me on a merry ride these last few days. I miss the change of scenery that goes with a road trip, and I fear forgetting some of the places we have seen and the fun we have had. So, I keep reminiscing about the events of the past 4 months. I like to name a date from the past few months and see if Nancy can remember what we were doing then.
Along with the remembering is a fair uneasiness about the future. For the past year, we have been thinking about out time on the road, and not about the time after our travels. Now, it is time to figure out what is next, and, in order to do that, it is necessary to let the past be the past. But we can ease into the future a bit by acting like tourists a while longer, and coming home to Santa Fe makes that pretty easy.
We enjoyed a few warm days after we returned, but it has turned cold now, and we got a fair amount of snow the other night. In spite of the cold, we just did the friday night gallery crawl, and saw some pretty incredible photography at an opening at Photoeye gallery.

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