Journal and photos of our travels in the West.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sunny Marin..The temperature today was in the 70's. I worked at a house in Mill Valley...a place that I find completely weird. I don't know if it's all the trees or what. Maybe the orderliness and all the white people. the Lexus' and Beamers And Jags everywhere. The sense of entitlement. The perfection. the streets that wind around the hills and lead you up and up deep into territory that is forbidden to outsiders, where the only place to turn around is a driveway.

this place used to be friendlier. There was a more relaxed attitude then, not the striving that pervades the place now.

Monday, February 04, 2008

I went back to Santa Fe for a visit and to look for work: something to help me build a bridge back to my beloved, austere desert. I stayed with James and Julie, two artists who have adopted Santa Fe, as have so many others. They love the desert, the cold black night sky filled with stars, the pinon smoke, the cafes and above all, the people.

Now, I am back painting houses in Stinson beach, amid the lushness of an early Norcal spring. A rainbow over Mt. Tam greeted me on my first morning back. The magnolia trees bloom in front yards on my street. The hills are bright green, and the redwood groves drip with moisture from recent rains. Creeks rush down the sides of Mt. Tam, along the route that I drove to work today from one job in Mill Valley to another in Stinson.

Yet in my mind are images such as these:

click on the sunset and look straight into it. The distant Cerrillos are full of history. Chalchuitl, the one on the left, holds a turquoise mine over a thousand years old.